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Suits with no socks

Rather more important things going on today, but this is just something that I noticed yesterday and I want to stop it rattling around in my head:

Is wearing suits with no socks a new fashion?

I'm not up on fashion, as anyone who's met me can tell - I have enough trouble getting clothes that fit my orang-utan length arms, without worrying whether they have the right label or not. However, whilst I was doing my laundry yesterday I saw two people wearing suits without socks. The first chap was middle aged and so orange he was like a young David Dickenson, in a black suit and rushing around from his car. While I'd hate to label him, I think he had to be an estate agent, he just had the car, and that sort of look about him.

The second guy was in his early twenties and in the laundrette, unusual to see someone in a suit there, and he seemed to be more after the sort of 50s-vibe. Green pinstriped suit and yellow tie. Erm... nice. Admittedly, he was probably an arts student or something, and quite conservatively dressed for that.

I'm not against not wearing socks, don't get me wrong. But with suits? It just looked a little silly really. Still, if it catches on perhaps I'll be an early spotter of trends, and I can start attending catwalks internationally.
If you wear a suit, you wear dress shoes. And if you wear dress shoes, you wear deffenly (mathing) dress socks.

I know there are some miami vice lovers, that like to combine their light suits with sockless feet.
But if thet makes a men looking better...?

And I you wear a dark suit, you shoeld deffenly wear black sock.
Imaging a nice black trouser and polished fine black leather shoes, seperated by with hairy skin...

Don't look that well he... ;)

By the way, I always wear socks.
I live in Noth-Western Europe and my feet get cold, rather fast...
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