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I went up to London yesterday to attend a clients' meeting where all the members of the site would get to 'meet the webmaster.' I hate talking through microphones, especially when I wasn't really sure why I was going up there, but hey ho, and it's wasn't too bad - some useful comments about the website that I will be putting in.

Near the end of the website part of the meeting the organiser asked everyone what search engines they used. Apparently when she asked a year and a half ago the French were using Yahoo, the Italians or Danish Lycos, generally a varied mix. Yesterday everyone replied 'Google' in a variety of different accents. Now it is always Google first, something else later if it was needed, which it usually wasn't. Yahoo and MSN may be trying to improve, but it's going to be difficult to shift people from a search engine as efficient as Google, especially when it's gaining new visitors all the time.
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