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American election

There's so much coverage of the election in America that you'd think it was in our country. In a weird way, I find it more interesting than the coverage of our next election (due in March, or May, or whenever) will be. I think it's just because of Bush. I really can't stand him, he's always looked like a liar to me, his body language is way off and I can never understand why he's so popular.

I'm really hoping Bush doesn't get back in. It was our fault that Blair took us in to the war in Iraq, but Bush started the invasion and now we're stuck there, having helped make the mess we've got to help clear it up.

However, I'm worried. There have been various shows on the TV and radio over the last week or so interviewing people across America, and there's a lot of support for Bush I don't understand. One woman said when his wife was mentioned, the look of love on Bush's face convinced her to vote for him. Personally, I think if that's the way you make your decision, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Couple this with various shenanigans in Florida, trying to stop people voting, again, and other people who think they ought to keep Bush because he's better because they're at war - well yes, a war he started... anyway, I'm really hoping he doesn't get back in. He's started a war for no good reason, with no exit strategy. His handling of the economy means America's currently going down the tube. Basically, I can't see Kerry doing a worse job, even if he sits on his head in his chair in the Oval Office and spins around gibbering for four years.

Hmm, lets hope it doesn't all go to the lawyers as is predicted.
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