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BNM meetup / Firefox party

Last night was a meetup for people on the Brighton New Media mailing list, nominally to celebrate the launch of the first proper release of the Firefox web browser. Tristan put a lot of effort in to sorting out the venue - the upstairs of the Earth & Stars (inc free wifi), decorations and organised some free beer from his employer, Cognitive Applications.

There were lots of well-known faces there, and several new ones, which makes a nice change. A few people had their computers, everyone with a Mac seemed to congregate in one corner, undoubtably happy to meet people who didn't immediately say "Why don't you get a PC then?" and rather said "Isn't it easy to access the net from here" and "actually that's my pint."

Tristan had organised various geeky/webby party games, and I must now ashamedly admit to my geekiest moment ever, which was singing happy birthday to a web browser, for which I blame Weston's Cider, which is very strong. The slice of cake was well worth the embarassment, lovely.
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