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Konfabulator for Windows

Konfabulator for Windows is here (or more accurately, here)

Konfab is a program that lets lots of little utilities run, it's been out on the Mac for quite a while now, and now they've written a PC version that can run the same widgets - very cool. Here's my PC running the Picture Frame widget (randomly showing pictures from my photos directories) and Weather widget (showing it's going to be a cold night tonight):

Screenshot of two Konfabulator widgets running in Windows

For extra points, can my Leamington readers (OK, Matt) spot the local landmark in the background?
Ermm, its that whatjamicallit thingumybob in the Jephson Gardens I guess.

A Leamington reader, but not Matt...(though I did get here from Malevolent so...)

Ooh yeah, how many points od I get?
One shiny beer token, which can be redeemed in any Brighton pub, or a Leamington one next time I'm up there.
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