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Bears and Sushi

Yesterday I went to a Brighton Bears basketball match with David, thanks to tickets from one of our clients, Ida, who was then kind enough to take us out for sushi.

I'm not particularly in to basketball and was never good at it at school, even though as I'm quite tall people presume I would be. It took me a while to get in to the game, especially as we arrived a bit late because David's train was delayed. However, by the end of it I was getting pretty entertained by the whole thing, although I feel a bit sorry for the Plymouth Raiders as the 95-55 Bears win doesn't really reflect how much effort they were putting in. With a little extra luck for the Raiders the scoreline would have been a lot closer, but to my amateur eyes they did look outclassed by the Bears many times during the match.

Similarly, I'm not particularly in to sushi. Actually, that's not really true: I'd never tried sushi as I have a standard Western not-touching-that reaction to eating raw fish. However, the restaurant above Yum Yums on Sydney Street served us some very excellent sushi and I've no qualms at all about going back and having some more (I'll have to remember it's only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.) Apparently it is one of the best chinese restaurants in Brighton and their sushi is much better than the much more expensive Moshi Moshi fare. I've always been scared off from Moshi by their prices, so if the cheaper place is also much better that's delightful to hear!
Hey, Paul - now you know what this means right?
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