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SpiderTest update

Thanks to feedback from Matt and now a contact through Ecademy pointing out that the table-recognising code in SpiderTest was up the swanny, I've now fixed it. So check out the new, improved SpiderTest, it looks very much like the old, unimproved one.

It's still possible to inadvertantly con the tests so it doesn't realise you have nested tables when you do, so I need to improve the code with some extra loops to make sure it still picks them up.

Also I discovered a while back that many spiders apparently don't like image maps. I want to carry out some testing to find out if that's true and if it is I'll add a warning in to ST that any links in image maps should also be replicated elsewhere so the pages they point to get spidered properly. This will be added to the long list of other stuff I need to do to ST until I'm completely happy with it.

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