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Making hay while the sun shines


I've had tooth/jaw-ache for almost a week (oddly, it started after talking to Paul about some dental stuff he's having done) and it seems to be caused by one of my wisdom teeth coming through. I don't remember the other two that have come out so far being as painful as this, but then again the pain isn't bad enough that it's going to stick in my memory forever, it's just bloody annoying. It's now got bad enough to stop me dropping off to sleep, and it's making me sleep lighter, which isn't helping me rest.

After a long phone call last night the ache was much worse, which got me thinking... presumably working the jaw by eating and talking shifts things around in your gums somewhat, but does it also help with teeth that are trying to surface? As a wild guess you would have thought your body would use something regular like eating as a mechanism that would help the tooth move in to place, as it's a re-use of a standard function that it will have to do anyway, therefore less growing-new-stuff (i.e. muscles) would be needed. Hmm, I'm not interested enough to dig around and see if anyone's investigated that or whether it's complete rubbish, I'd just like the ache to go away.

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