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Yahoo rebrands Overture, more open APIs

The Register reports that Yahoo is rebranding Overture, but more interesting is the comment that they are "hoping to tempt more developers to its search products by providing easier access to its Web service APIs." This fits in with trying to catch up with Google, who have had a search API for a long time, and also with the rumour of an upcoming O'Reilly Yahoo Hacks book (fitting in with the rest of their Hacks range.)

I'm interested in a good Yahoo API, the one Google provides didn't have the same index as the one available on the web, which made it a bit useless for what I wanted to do. I'd like to experiment further with the Google one, but as well as finding the time I also need to be sure it's going to give up to date results, otherwise it's really just a little toy.

Yahoo all ready give RSS feeds for some of their services, so an API could be seen as a next sensible step and I look forward to seeing what it can do.
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