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The election has a week to go, so the television and radio are full of political interviews. Now the legal advice about going to Iraq has been leaked, and then released rather more officially (more with links at The Guardian) I've noticed Tony Blair today went from being rather huffy about questions about why he wanted to go war to now being rather shrill about it. That's not a word I ever thought I'd use to describe the Prime Minister.

Tonight there is a special Question Time with questions from the audience to the leaders of the three main parties. So far I think Charles Kennedy has come across relatively well, Michael Howard has done all right but got a bit more of a battering by the questions and came across a little slimy. Now Tony Blair is answering the same questions he's been asked over the last several weeks by the public - why did you take us to war? At the moment he's holding back the huffiness quite well, but he's got another 25 minutes to go and I expect him to be a little more ragged by the end of it. However, he's a very seasoned interviewee so it'll be interesting to see how much leaks through.
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