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Big Brother back on

The latest series of Big Brother has started up. I watched quite a lot of it last year, partly because I was up in Leamington contracting so I didn't have a lot else to do when I was knackered.

I've either ignored whole series of BB or I've been caught by it about half way through and kept watching. I couldn't get in to the early stages last year, and now I think I understand why...

Currently all the most irritating personalities are at the fore. I thought for a while it was because they'd managed to jam together thirteen really objectionable people, to avoid a nice chap winning as happened a couple of series ago. However, I think it's more that the show is dominated by the most irritating people. Whenever I've flicked over to it in the week it's been Craig whining his head off, or lots of squeaking or shrieking. Craig seems very much an opera singer... Me me me me meeeeeeee

Hmm, maybe I'll try again in a few weeks.
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