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Biting off more than I can chew

The month has been a bit of a mess, work-wise. I've been working on three major projects and several minor ones, which is great, but I've both mis-managed my own time and allowed it to be mis-managed by others extending what they want, which isn't.

Added to this, due to lack of cashflow from previous months work (partly due to them over-extending, and one project that has fallen to bits because of others working on it) I wasn't able to go to my friend Nick's wedding, which was no doubt what's known colloquially as "a fucking blast" and I'd have loved to go to partly for the massive party afterwards and partly to see Nick and meet his fiance/now wife.

Instead I'm working through weekends, not getting enough relaxing in, and not getting to bill on projects that haven't quite finished yet. Over the next couple of weeks I need to clear off the work that's hanging around, exert some control over clients who keep extending briefs, and generally sort my life out so I can get a break in and enjoy the sun.

Normally, I'm not too bad at balancing what's happening in projects. Hopefully having a break will let me catch up on my sleep and re-exert some sensible behaviour on what I'm doing, and also what I can and can't do for the people I'm working for.
At least I'm not the only one. Confronting the realities of my mistakes has taught me more than a few lessons about how I should work and what I really want to do.
I'm hoping this will turn in to a 'learning experience' to be looked back on with sage nodding rather than 'reoccuring nightmare.'

I was relatively on track with what I wanted to do before everything kicked off, work-wise, and now what I want to do is being delayed by everything I'm actually doing, which is a bit silly. I'm more annoyed with myself about letting it get like this, to be honest, I got a little too close to too many projects and couldn't get a proper overview, then ended up with far too much stuff on for too many people.

Still, I can see an end to all the manic stuff now, so I hope you're getting to the same point with your project.
Ah it is OK Paul. We had some some vodkas for the missing! Everyone wants us to reorganise an anniversary party here in a year so maybe you can make that one. You know you are more than welcome to visit Anna and I here at any time. Pictures are on my personal blog though - http://www.wilsdon.co.uk
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