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Work is decreasing as projects finish, or at least phase ones complete. The Essential Business Guide is up, although I have some more work coming up on it. The p2b Brighton and Hove search engine has just gone up, so if you look now you can get a sneak preview before the formal launch tomorrow.

I got the CUHP links pages up today, and some amends for another project that should soft launch tomorrow or on Friday. In fact I managed to get a hell of a lot done today, and make the full Farm meeting. I'm just hoping I can get some decent relaxing in over the weekend... War of the Worlds has opened and I haven't seen Batman Begins, so it looks like some Hollywood stupidity might be on the cards, and some bike riding if I can get my damned gear cable adjusted properly (thanks for the advice, Alex)

Tomorrow is another full day, with a load of work booked, the p2b launch, and a Brighton Bloggers meet in the evening. I think what I'm doing is not so much burning the candle from both ends, but melting a nice new dent in the middle as well.
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