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The earlier online-petition-against-online-petition is a great comment on how pointless most online petitions are. I think they have no affect on the people they are trying to influence as it's too easy to sign up to one multiple times, and two minutes out of the day of someone sitting in front of a computer for nine hours isn't exactly a lot of effort.

However, I hope the on-running pledge against ID cards in the UK will be taken seriously. It is trying to show how many people do not want an ID card, and who will also resist it being brought in, both by passive action - not signing up for one - and also positive action - donating to a legal fund to fight the cards.

They have 4,034 people signed up at the moment. If you live in Britain, don't want an ID card and you feel strongly enough to donate to the cause, I urge you to sign up. You do not have to have your name on the public list if you don't want to. This is a way to help convince politicians to think again about voting ID cards and centralised databases in to being, a plan that has many faults and few positives for the British population.
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