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Ian Turner is missing (update: found)

Ian Turner of Romsey Associates went missing last weekend just after the WebmasterWorld Conference. If you know where he is, please contact his family and the Police: Threadwatch has the details

I realise it's a slim hope that this will help, but I don't think it can hurt either. If I could have had a chunk of the world's SEO community and various mates looking for my Dad when he went missing a few years back, I would have used it. Happily, my Dad turned up none the worse for wear apart from having sore feet, and I very much hope Ian quickly turns up and all this has been because he's got stuck somewhere without good comms.

NB: America, grow up and accept the European standard in cellphone systems, then he would have had his mobile with him and switched on and all this wouldn't have happened.

Update, Sat 2nd July, 12.00

Ian's turned up, Threadwatch has the details again, and no doubt some more on the story when the explanation comes out.

Given how competitive a lot of the SEO community is, it's nice to see lots of people in it coming together over something important like this.
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