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Sand sculptures coming to Brighton

Now my workload has dropped a bit I'm running away from the computer a bit to make up for the many weeks I've been tied to my desk. I walked down to the Marina today and saw an enormous amount of sand has been dropped in on the Black Rock area, and workmen are packing it down in to pyramids and banks with Kangol hammers. Apparently we're having the "Biggest World Sand Sculpture Exhibition" starting on July 14th.

The Times has the story and 'KnavishRichard' has some pictures

During the walk I was listening to Radio 2's coverage of Live 8, which has been very good. Chris Evans is presenting but he seems to have grown up a bit and is just choosing good music to fill in the gaps between live bands and hasn't degraded in to being a childish tosser at all, which is great.
hi am coming to brighton to see the sculptures ,however there is no info on the tourist info centre site giving any details ie, where are they ,opening times ,cost, I think u need to sell your art
I agree that is rather rubbish, I notice one of the main websites for it is down as well. Here's the details:

Open daily 11am-8pm. Entry is £6.00 for adults, child 4-12 years £4.00, child up to 4 years free, concessions £5.

From: Visit Brighton

They're at the 'Black Rock' area of Brighton, which is on the coast near the Marina.

From the train: walk out of the front of the station and keep going down the hill, eventually you get to the road by the beach. Turn left. Stay on the pavement past the pier and stay near the beach where all the parking is (not the main road.) Keep walking and eventually you get to the sculptures. You may want to take the 'Volks Railway' which runs along the coast as it's quite a long walk.

In a car: get to Brighton Marina and use their free parking. Find the big Asda, at the far end of their car park is a car washing place, next to that there is a walk-way which leads you through to the sculptures. This is quite a good way to get there as you can take a path behind the display which should give you another view of it.

If you want a quick look at some photos, there's a good set on Flickr by Sandsculpture grrrl

I hope all this helps.
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