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Car update

Alex from the Demon Dweebs VW Club has welded up the main part of my car, which is great (thanks to 'Smartmo' from the VZi forums for putting me on to him.)

I need to get a new wing, patch up some other small bits of damage, and get the repairs sprayed, but at least I'm back on the road now.

I missed a VW show in Hickstead because of the car being off the road, which was rather annoying. There's a show in Chalvington (read: middle of nowhere, well, it's near the marvellously named 'Upper Dicker') this Sunday, though that clashes with this year's Hannover Day, so I'm not sure I'm going to get to that one either.

Anyway, I should be around to see Brighton end of the London to Brighton run again this year, which'll add to my growing collection of VW photos
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