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Gorillaz 'Dare'

I got a selection of CDs recently - one problem with being freelance is you can run through your music collection and get bored of everything - and at the moment about the best of the bunch is the new Gorillaz CD - 'Demon Days'

Currently I'm mildly obsessed with Dare, maybe partly because I saw the rather disturbing video on one of the Freeview channels. I'm happy to find the video is available on the Gorillaz website. From what I can tell all their other videos are available as well, although some stream better than others. Warning: most need Realplayer or something that can handle WMV files.

I think it's great that a band will put it's videos on their website, it would be even better if Clint Eastwood would stream better for me. Still, I'll give it another go tomorrow with some different codecs and see if that improves things. Currently it's like a little slideshow of the video rather than the real thing.
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