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Airport problems since update

Since I installed the latest update to OSX just over a week ago, my wi-fi hasn't been working. When I click on it, I get the spinning coloured ball that says it's waiting for the application to do something, which doesn't clear unless I click on another application. I get the same thing if I try 'Internet Connect', it started to load, then would just sit there with the spinning ball.

Sam from MacAmbulance let me know there was a problem with some Macs with the 4.2 Airport update. He advised downloading Pacifist from Version Tracker, feed it my OSX install disks, then use it to reinstall the following packages:


From the 'Essentials' section.

I did this, rebooted and it still wasn't working. Turned off AirPort, rebooted again, then when I turned AirPort back on it asked to update the Keychain, which I agreed, then it started working again.

Cue one happier me, and big up to Sam for telling me how to fix it. Hopefully things will stay working. I don't normally install updates straight away as I've had problems with that in the past - admittedly only on Windows - but I'm going to have to remember to double-check anything coming out from Apple before I install it from now on.
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