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Funerals and vandals

It was my grandmother's funeral today, and while a funeral is never a good thing, she had a decently long enough life to do what she'd wanted to do with it, and fortunately she'd seen most of her family in the last few weeks. I was rather more worried about the funeral bringing up bad memories of my sister's one a few years ago but that hasn't happened, at least so far. The day was made worse when I walked across town this afternoon to pick up my car (which I have to park quite a distance away as I'm still on the waiting list for a permit to park in my road, thirteen months or so after applying for it.) Someone/s have been good enough to smash in all my car's lights, the wing mirror, tear off the windscreen wipers and put a big dent in the bonnet.

The workman resurfacing the front of the house next to the carpark said it was apparently "some kids", but that doesn't really tell me anything. If someone saw them, did they call the Police? And if they had, wouldn't the Police have called me, they have all the details of the car, after all it's only a few weeks since someone ran in to it.

So now I have to go to the Police again with all my details and get a crime number so I can do an insurance claim. In a way it's a positive that I hadn't got all the damage from before fixed yet as some of the same areas were damaged again. But once it's fixed I'll have to leave it in the same area, meaning it might get vandalised again by the same people. Terrific. This is the fourth time my Beetle has been randomly damaged, the second time in a couple of months, and if this is the way Brighton is going I'll have to start moving out to somewhere nicer nearby. It's difficult enough to own a car around here without having to worry about it being wrecked when I can't keep a direct eye on it.

Of all the days to find out about this, today was not the best. With a bit of luck with the train I managed to get over to my parents before the funeral cars arrived with just enough time to get my shirt on and get in the cars. I didn't even get a chance to say hello to all the family until afterwards.

Ack, not the best of days. Hopefully I'll get the car booked in to a garage before I go away and at least it's fixing will be in hand. None of the damage is too bad, I'm just worried about it happening again once it's all fixed up.
Hey Paul.
Sorry to hear about your nan.

On the wanton violence front, someone had a go at nicking my bike last night. I noticed the cover was missing and when I unlocked the padlock on the front wheel it came apart in my hands. Some sort of cutter had got almost all the way through it. New front lock. No cover. Fingers crossed.

People eh!?
Gah, there are some bastards about. At some point I'm going to post a list of all the damage/nicking of cars I've had in Brighton, but it's too depressing to think about at the moment.

A motorbiking mate has one of those thick chains with a bright cover that he wraps around the rear wheel / top of the bike, but then they can still attack the padlock like they did with you.
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