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Spammers attacking contact form reprise

So far I've had attacks from the following IP addresses:, registered to "Datacommunications Company of Iran", registered to "TRICOM"

I messed up my PHP code the first time around and managed to leave one of the form fields open, I closed that as the attacks started getting through so hopefully none of the attacks they're using at the moment will work any more. Once I've improved the code a bit I'll make an article or something out of it.
I'll look forward to seeing that. I've used a hybrid of Jeremy's /Secure PHP's code on our sites but my lack of PHP knowledge means it is a little bulky. I was hoping I could find something more concise.
I think a mildly adapted version of Jeremy's code can be built in to a loop which'll be pretty simple and relatively short.

I got mine to mail me a different message so I can record the IP address of the attempting spammer, so I'll probably do two bits of code depending on what you want to cover.
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