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Bookworm addiction

I'm addicted to Bookworm (again.) It's been a long time since I played it, then it's straight back in at 'Grand Archivist.' Must avoid playing it during the week when work needs to get done.

To beat: 290860 points
Longest word: fainter
best word: park (2000 pts, can't remember how I got that, must have been some good squares.)

The page says it doesn't work on Macs, but it seems to work in Firefox fine on OSX 10.4, so that shows some good testing!
Second go: 367670, Supreme Archivist

Longest word: muddled
Best word: queer (2420 pts)
Third go: 949180, Super Dictionarian

Longest word: anteater
Best word: quid (2700 pts)
And now 1,196,540, Super Dictionarian

Longest word: queers
Best word: vivid (3410 pts)

Hmm, really got to stop playing it now.
12/22 - Level 21. 1,526,540 points "Super Dictionarian" Longest word: Grainer
Best Word: Fierce (3640 pts)
Damnit, you're going to make me addicted again, oh anonymous contributer, beating me like that :-)

Looks like 'Super Dictionarian' is the highest rank you can get, I wondered if they'd be another one over 1,500,000
I do not want to see this game again. This game could cause me to lose everything and everyone. Today is the third time I played this game and I am totally consumed. Longest word belonged best word prowler, rank Lexographer 1st Class, 662370
Hard to believe I know, but I have been playing the same game since October 2009 and am now at level 231, Bookworm Supreme (for the last many many levels), and my score right now is 26,941,560!
My score was 2,699,920 and I still got Super Dictionarian.I guess it is the highest rank you can get. I am totally addicted to it.I love the game !!!!
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