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Future Anime

Yesterday I went to Future Anime with Alex. On show: a collection of short films showing what the next stage of anime may be like, chosen by onedotzero. Grimy, muddy and bleak, this isn't your RoboTech glossiness and flood-fill pallette.

All the films were good, but Rogue Farm (req. Flash) and Kakurenbo' (Hide and Seek) particularly stood out. I'm going to go for Rogue Farm as the best, mainly because I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic science fiction, and it's a mixture of Larry Niven's stage trees, Damon Knight's 'Four in One' with a healthy dose of Philip K Dick stirred in, with a Scottish accent. Brilliant.

We were going to drop in to the Comic Expo happening in the Brighton Metropole, but at £10 a ticket it was a bit much, especially as I was only interested in the co-talk by Harry Harrison.

Not going in turned out to be a good thing as I started to get a migraine shortly after which meant I would have missed the talk anyway. I think that's my first one since New Year's Eve, which is an improvement (especially given the stress I've been putting myself under work-wise) but still very annoying. It wasn't a bad one and the tablets I've got stopped it getting to the throwing-up stage for a change, but I still lost the rest of Saturday and most of today to the kind of hangover it gives you. I was hoping to see the new Harry Potter film this weekend, but I don't think I need to worry about it leaving the cinemas any time soon.

Haven't seen HP yet????!?!?!?!
good grief!
ps didja know Fleur posed topless in some french mag? heh!
I saw it the weekend after... haven't got around to blogging about it because I've been pretty busy.

I suppose something like that was bound to happen now the cast are getting older, and as she might well only be in one film - I'm not sure the actress will get to be in Order of the Phoenix given she's got such a small part in the book. Tut tut, though I'm sure a large number of teenage boys will appreciate her efforts ;-)
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