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While out looking for a present for my girlfriend last week, I popped in to the London Road YMCA shop (not for shopping for her!) and noticed a book on the shelf - The Rage for Revenge by David Gerrold. This is the third of four 'Chtorr' books of an unfinished series by Gerrold, and I have the first two from years ago. They've been out of print for donkey's years, and as it looks like they'll stay unfinished, which makes them very difficult to get hold of. Last time I checked eBay for them the prices were ludicrous, but I see they're much more sensible currently. It was great to find one of them and I'm looking forward to reading it. They're better reads than the cover might lead you to believe, with a mixture of good, innovative ideas as well as action. They're not Shakespeare, but they're fun, and a bit of a cult classic within SF, which admittedly is a genre almost completely built on cult classics.

Hmm, checking around I found one of my posts about them in rec.arts.sf.written from 1994, so I've definitely had the first two books at least 12 years. I have a feeling I bought them from a great second hand bookshop in Worthing which has since closed down. All this makes me feel old :-)

You can read more about rumours that the Chtorr series might be getting finished off through a search for 'chtorr unfinished' on the sf.written newsgroup. Personally I'll believe it when I see it on Amazon.
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