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Slashdot redesign and fonts

Techie news site Slashdot has had a redesign. It's a good update from the previous version, which had got very dated, but it is a touch dull. Perhaps the dullness will help it fade in to the background and promote the content, or age slightly less quickly than a very cutting edge design would.

About the only real annoyance for me is that they've reduced the font size of the main content down slightly too far, and also changed to a sans-serif font. I'm one of the few people who seemed to like the use of Times New Roman on Slashdot because I found I could read a lot of comments without my eyes getting tired. Now they've changed to a slightly-too-small Tahoma I've found I get tired of the comments much more quickly. Still, at least now the design and layout is CSS based I can re-write that myself to get the font I prefer.

(By the way, the fact that this blog and most of my sites use sans-serif fonts isn't lost on me, though they are generally much smaller pages than a Slashdot article with comments.)
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