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New backup service from G2 Support

Olly (a fellow ex-G2Blue person) at G2 Support has launched a new backup service for PCs and Macs.

Basically it gives you a bit of software which lets you nominate areas of your hard drive for backing up to a remote site (in fact, more than one remote site.) So if something happens to your computer - i.e. the hard disk breaks - all of your files are safe and you can get at them from another computer. Or indeed if you delete something you didn't mean to, the service will have the file in your backup (and it can even keep them for seven days after you've deleted them, just in case.) Everything is encrypted, so I don't have to worry about anyone else reading my invoices.

The scheduling software is good, it looks very Windows, but that isn't going to upset me on my Mac. It's easy to use and to schedule, which is them main thing as I only remember to backup to CD/DVD occasionally. As well as files you can backup MySQL and MS SQL databases, though I haven't tried that bit yet.

Helpfully, you can restore to any computer where you've installed the software, so I can backup files from my Mac, and get at them from my PC if my Mac is turned off or somewhere else - a very helpful side-effect of all the backups.

There are prices for various options, the basic service gives you 5Gb of space for £15 a month, which should be fine for most freelancers and small businesses, and it's cheap to get more space. Well worth it for piece of mind that my work is safe should anything happen to my office.
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