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Dave Andrew design

My mate Dave has decided to stay freelancing, so has a website for his work, there's not much there yet, but in these days of delays on getting ranked in Google for what you match, I think getting in the index now will help him later when he's got the site finished.

Gorillaz 'Dare'

I got a selection of CDs recently - one problem with being freelance is you can run through your music collection and get bored of everything - and at the moment about the best of the bunch is the new Gorillaz CD - 'Demon Days'

Currently I'm mildly obsessed with Dare, maybe partly because I saw the rather disturbing video on one of the Freeview channels. I'm happy to find the video is available on the Gorillaz website. From what I can tell all their other videos are available as well, although some stream better than others. Warning: most need Realplayer or something that can handle WMV files.

I think it's great that a band will put it's videos on their website, it would be even better if Clint Eastwood would stream better for me. Still, I'll give it another go tomorrow with some different codecs and see if that improves things. Currently it's like a little slideshow of the video rather than the real thing.

Google Maps pedometer

Alex pointed out the Google Maps Pedometer, which I think is a fanastic little addition to the Google Maps system.

Using it I was able to find out the walk I went on recently burnt around 1000 calories (I think, I had to guess my weight.) I can see myself sending directions to people through it, though that will really only come in to it's own if you could print the route. It will print the markers, but they're for miles rather than corners.

Car update

Alex from the Demon Dweebs VW Club has welded up the main part of my car, which is great (thanks to 'Smartmo' from the VZi forums for putting me on to him.)

I need to get a new wing, patch up some other small bits of damage, and get the repairs sprayed, but at least I'm back on the road now.

I missed a VW show in Hickstead because of the car being off the road, which was rather annoying. There's a show in Chalvington (read: middle of nowhere, well, it's near the marvellously named 'Upper Dicker') this Sunday, though that clashes with this year's Hannover Day, so I'm not sure I'm going to get to that one either.

Anyway, I should be around to see Brighton end of the London to Brighton run again this year, which'll add to my growing collection of VW photos

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